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Queen Margaret visits Ballarat

23 April, Ballarat, Victoria.

Another outing for Margaret of Anjou, previously seen in Perth.

Medieval painting of a woman in ermine and high head-dress.
Portrait of Margaret d’Anjou

A rehearsed reading at the Art Gallery of Ballarat, directed by Kim Durban, and performed by the Third Years of the Arts Academy, Federation University Australia.

Margaret of Anjou, is a ‘new’ play by William Shakespeare, constructed by Elizabeth Schafer and Philippa Kelly. Which is basically the good bits of the three Henry VI plays, and the mad bits of Richard III. Watching Queen Margaret, as depicted by Shakespeare, is to travel along on a roller-coaster ride of a life, if the roller-coaster was made out of filleting knives and scorpions.

Saturday April 23rd at 4pm.

Preceded by a performance of “Shakespeare’s  Songs and Sonnets” at 2.30pm. Students of the Arts Academy will present some favourites of Shakespeare’s sonnets, and a cappella group VOX will sing a selection of songs from Shakespeare.

Entry is by donation, but tickets can be pre-booked.

Full details here.

Silent Shakespeare

21 March, Adelaide.

The University of Adelaide and Silents Now are having a special screening of the Asta Neilsen Hamlet, accompanied by live, improvised music.

The first Hamlet ever to appear on film was Sarah Bernhardt, in a roughly ten minute piece designed to demonstrate the possibilities of film. The first full length feature film version of Hamlet also starred a woman as the Prince, Danish actress Asta Neilsen.

“To my mind there were just two geniuses of the silent film era: Asta and Chaplin. It is very hard for anyone now to conceive the huge scale of Asta’s personality in Germany. Wherever we went, even in the smallest towns, crowds immediately gathered round her.” – Sven Gade, Director of Hamlet, in The Screenplay of My Life (1941).

For those interested in the extensive, expansive history of actresses playing Hamlet, Women As Hamlet: Performance and Interpretation by Tony Howard details the whole story.

One chance only to get the Asta Neilsen experience, and see the first Hamlet feature film on the big screen.

Tickets are free and can be booked HERE.

Flyer advertising Silent Shakespeare event (details repeated above).

Merry Wives: the Symposium

One day only, 17 February, Perth

A wonderful opportunity to hear a gathering of international experts on a too-neglected play.

This symposium runs in conjunction with the performances of Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor on the New Fortune Theatre, 16–18 February 2016. It brings together international experts on the play and on theatre history.

Further details from Bob White (bob.white@uwa.edu.au)

Rob Conkie (La Trobe University): Director The Merry Wives of Windsor, New Fortune Theatre
Alison Findlay (Lancaster University, UK): Author Women in Shakespeare: A Dictionary (2010)
Philippa Kelly (Resident Dramaturg, the California Shakespeare Theater): Author of The King and I (Shakespeare Now! series)
Helen Ostovich (McMaster University, Canada): Online edition The Merry Wives of Windsor, forthcoming
Peter Reynolds, (University of Newcastle upon Tyne): Senior Honorary Research Fellow, Centre for the History of Emotions
Elizabeth Schafer (Royal Holloway College, University of London): writing a performance history of The Merry Wives of Windsor for the Manchester University Press Shakespeare in Performance series
Robert White (UWA): Author The Merry Wives of Windsor: A New Critical Introduction

Date: Wednesday 17 February 2016
Time: 10:00am-5:00pm
Venue: Arts Lecture Room 5 (Arts G.61) and the New Fortune Theatre, The University of Western Australia
Registration: This is a free event but numbers will be limited so please confirm attendance in advance with Pam Bond (pam.bond@uwa.edu.au)

Statue of a fat old man in medieval dress leaning on a plinth, skyscraper in background.
Falstaff at Shakespeare Place