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The Sonnets Out Loud

30 April, Canberra.


A Street Contemporary Drama Presentation

“So are you to my thoughts as food to life,
Or as sweet seasoned showers are to the ground.”

Poetry lovers near the nation’s capital should head to The Street for a once-only chance to hear all 154 of Shakespeare’s sonnets performed live.

Hear William Zappa and Tobias Cole, under the direction of Dianna Nixon, give voice to some of the most famous poems in the English language, along with the  ones that only see the light of day more rarely. Zappa has one of the most illustrious pedigrees in Shakespeare performance in Australia, and the piece is being performed with live accompaniment.

7pm start, tickets $35-$25, one show only.

Full details here.

Etching of Shakespeare on blue background, with reddened lips.

Sonnet Competition

Does your body hold the soul of a poet? Everybody, surely, has at least one sonnet in them. Here is a chance to share yours.

Open book with centre leaves flying out, becoming birds.

From the Shakespeare Club of Western Australia:

“To join the world-wide observances commemorating Shakespeare’s life and the 400th anniversary of his death the Shakespeare Club of WA is sponsoring a competition:  WRITE YOUR OWN SONNET.

Exercise your imagination and creative spark in a poem in the pattern of a Shakespearean sonnet, but using modern language.

Choose any theme, but link it in some way with Western Australia.

It can be comic, serious, satirical, romantic, descriptive… or what you will.”

Prizes:    1st:  $300     2nd:  $200     3rd:  $100

CLOSING DATE:  23rd September 2016

Full details here.