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Join "Downtown Dollars" as a Participating Business 

Our goal is to get hundreds of businesses in downtown Nashville to accept the "Downtown Dollars" E-Gift Card and allow customers the convenience of shopping, eating and playing exclusively downtown, ensuring that local dollars are spent locally.

Becoming a vendor is easy:

Step 1: Click HERE and scroll to the bottom of the site to "Become a Participating Business"

Step 2: Run the $0.10 Activation Card you receive in your confirmation email to link your POS to the closed MasterCard network. 

Step 3: That's it! Check our site to make sure your business appears in the list of redeemable locations.

CLICK HERE for more information about signing up, redeeming at your register, and FAQs. 

Still have questions about participating in the program? Watch this webinar for more information.

Benefits of accepting the "Downtown Dollars" E-Card:

  • The Nashville Downtown Partnership will market and promote this program and highlight participating locations throughout its robust digital audience (181K on Twitter, 40K on Instagram, 30K on Facebook, 30K email subscribers).
  • There are no transaction fees beyond the regular MasterCard fee you've already negotiated. 

Click HERE for a short video explaining how Downtown Dollars are redeemed at your cash register.

Help us spread the word! Encourage spending "Downtown Dollars" at your business using our social media toolkit, HERE. 

Not Sure if You're Located Downtown?

Qualifying neighborhoods include:

  • Capitol View
  • Downtown Core
  • The Gulch
  • Hope Gardens
  • North Capitol
  • North Gulch
  • Rolling Mill Hill
  • Rutledge Hill
  • SoBro
  • Sulphur Dell

Contact for more information.