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About us

Shakespeare TwentyScore was established to both make it easy for people to find out about any events in Australasia taking place to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, and to offer support to anyone wishing to set up an event of their own.

The anniversary itself was on 23rd April, but this site continued to be updated throughout 2016.

Our downloadable resources for schools, clubs and libraries are all still available, and include material suitable for in-class work as well as ideas and frameworks for events for both children and adults.

If you have an event you would like to see listed, please send it to

Our Facebook page remains active, and posts Shakespeare-related events. Please feel free to contact us there to have something added.

Follow us on Twitter on @Shakes20Score to see events in Australia and worldwide. You can also follow the hashtags #Shakespeare400 and #Shakespearelives

Anna Kamaralli

White brunette woman leaning over copy of the First Folio.

Anna is a director, dramaturg, writer and educator specialising in Shakespeare. She obtained her PhD from Trinity College Dublin, with research on ‘shrew’ figures in Shakespeare, which was then expanded into her book Shakespeare and the Shrew, published by Palgrave Macmillan. She is the editor of the Arden Performance Editions Much Ado About Nothing. She writes reviews and commentary at Flaming Moth, where you can also find information about her publications, and you can find her on Twitter at @Orlandocreature

John Galea

John Galea (Writer/Director, Producer) has a bachelor of Design from COFA, University of New South Wales, and has been working in theatre for over ten years as an actor and director, in addition to screenwriting and production design for short film, both at AFTRS and in independent productions. In 2012 his production company The Puzzle Collective produced and directed The Tempest – Steampunked! in association with the Sydney Fringe Festival. It played to sold-out crowds, and was featured in the Sydney Morning Herald and on ABC News 24. John and The Puzzle followed up with SuperHal!, a compressed version of Shakespeare’s Henriad set as a superhero origin story, which played in 2017. You can find his writing site HERE.