Twelfth Night at Belvoir Street

From 23 July, Sydney.

One of the highlights of Shakespeare performance in Sydney this year will surely be Belvoir’s production of Twelfth Night.

Twelfth Night manages to be a joyous festival of inversions – “Girls are boys, boys are girls, puritans are lusting suitors, drunkards are moralists, and fools, of course, are wise” – while also revealing just how destabilised these changes to the expected order of things can make us feel. It identifies love absolutely with this feeling that the earth is tipping beneath our feet. “Even so quickly may one catch the plague.” It also shows love as the search for the right matched self – order is restored when we finally see clearly what is in front of us. It is for these things that this play has remained so adored, and so often performed.

Director Eamon Flack has leant heavily towards a cast of veteran actors who know and love their Shakespeare. This will be a chance to see a much loved text spoken by actors who understand fully the rhythms and nuances that create Shakespeare’s characters. It will be interesting to see what is brought to the story by an Orsino who really should know better, or a Malvolio who really, REALLY should know better by now.

This play’s seeming foolery forces us to ask the question: how can we know for sure who it is we love?

Mixed group of actors in a rehearsal room, dancing.
Image by Brett Boardman

23 July – 4 September 2016
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