Shakespeare and Greer in The Conversation

Anyone who has read The Female Eunuch is aware of Germaine Greer’s long abiding interest in Shakespeare. All who have followed her subsequent work would be familiar with the short Introduction to Shakespeare she published in 2002 for Oxford University Press, and with her incredibly dense and yet illuminating historic work Shakespeare’s Wife.

In today’s Conversation, Rachel Buchanan, an Archivist at the University of Melbourne, has used what appear to be staggeringly extensive records held there to chart the influence of Shakespeare and other Renaissance writers on Greer’s development as an author and thinker.

I will go back and read it over again in detail as soon as the panic attack from thinking about anyone ever preserving or having access to my own undergraduate lecture notes subsides.

How Shakespeare helped shape Germaine Greer’s feminist masterpiece.

Book cover showing torso of woman in blue Renaissance gown, holding a flower.
The cover of Shakespeare’s Wife