Varieties of Shakespeare open to all

27 April, Sydney.

Varieties of Shakespeare

Next Wednesday the EMLAC (Early Modern Literature and Culture) Research Group and the English Department of the University of Sydney will host an afternoon of presentations discussing all kinds of lively aspects of our favourite dead person.

“You may not have noticed, but Shakespeare died 400 years ago. To commemorate this unfortunate turn of events, the English department is holding a rapid- fire two-hour seminar that will showcase a range of approaches to the man and his work currently being undertaken by people working in and around the Department of English. Come along to hear about everything from Shakespeare in Australia to Shakespeare in Prison; from a history play that he managed to write from beyond the grave, to some of the significances attached to the year of his death: 1616.”

DATE: Wednesday, 27 April

TIME: 12-2pm

PLACE: Room S226, John Woolley Building, University of Sydney


  • Huw Griffiths: “1616 and All That”
  • Kathy French, “Happy Shakespeare”
  • Ursula Potter, “Shakespeare’s Daughters”
  • Kathryn Parker, “Shakespeare in Song”
  • Penny Gay: “Shakespeare in Australia”
  • Anna Kamaralli: “Margaret of Anjou: Shakespeare’s ‘new’ Play”
  • Liam Semler and Claire Hansen: “Shakeserendipity”

Line drawing of Shakespeare. Text: University of Sydney, Shakespeare 400

There will be some light refreshments. All Welcome.

For further information, please contact Huw Griffiths ( or Liam Semler ( Full details here.