Which Play?

A little game courtesy of the students from NUTS (the NSW University Theatrical Society). Can you tell which of Shakespeare’s plays is being represented by the cunningly performed tableaux?

  1. Let’s start with an easy one:

Young woman holds up a skull.2. Another warm-up to get you into the swing of the game:

Young man wearing furry ears and young woman wearing flower garland and fairy wings.

3. Here’s one we don’t see performed as often:

Young man with beard looking at young pregnant woman, who is holding up a ring.

4. Getting a little tricker now:

3 women in masks lean on a tree, 3 men in masks observe them.

5. A better known pastoral comedy. Not seen so often these days, but it used to be wildly popular:

Young man sitting in a tree writing in a book with a quill.

6. Giving the History plays a look in:

Man lying down while another holds a crown above his own head.

7. What about this old favourite?

Young woman in tree reaches down to young woman in mask standing below.

8. And another crowd-pleaser, but with a sad lack of blood in our props supply:

Young man seated staring at a knife.

How did you do? Answers below…






Five young men and women in bits of costume sitting in a tree.
Thanks to Michael, Moreblessing, Tess, Joe, Andrew, James and Lucy.
  1. Hamlet 2. A Midsummer Night’s Dream 3. All’s Well That Ends Well 4. Love’s Labours Lost 5. As You Like It 6. Henry IV 7. Romeo and Juliet 8. Macbeth (although that’s a wakizashi he’s holding, so technically it’s Throne of Blood – getting one in for the film buffs!)