Hypotheticals at the Sydney Opera House

15 March, Sydney.

Culture Club at the Sydney Opera House has a morning discussion panel on the theme “If Shakespeare were alive today…”

Chaired by Jane Caro, the speakers are actor Michelle Doake and directors Damien Ryan and Peter Evans.

From the Sydney Opera House website:

“If Shakespeare Were Alive Today… What would he write about, and for whom? Marking 400 years on from Shakespeare’s death, Bell Shakespeare’s Peter Evans (Artistic Director), actor Michelle Doake and director Damien Ryan discuss some ‘what ifs’ in the world of this legendary artist. What would he make of the 21st Century? What do contemporary audiences get out of the classics? If Shakespeare were alive what would he be writing, and perhaps more importantly, for whom?”

Tickets are only $15 for those who somehow manage to free themselves up for an 11am gig.

Full details here.