Auckland has a pop-up Globe

From 19 February, Auckland CBD.

Lucky Auckland is having a Globe Theatre delivered to their doorstep.

Middle-aged white man with glasses, braces and a fine moustache.
Miles Gregory

An amazing project in New Zealand is seeing a full-scale replica of the Globe built, used, then dismantled over the course of 2016. Lots of different companies, loads of plays, workshops, classes and experimental performance work.

Led by Artistic Director Miles Gregory, the core of the programme lies in full-scale professional productions of Twelfth Night and Romeo and Juliet. “These two masterpieces are performed by a cast of professional actors brought together into a new, specially-formed ensemble repertory company, that have worked with world experts to bring you the so-called ‘shock of the old’: the experience of seeing Shakespeare’s plays performed in the space for which they were written.” (Pop-Up Globe: About Us) However, the venture is offering a frame for a much winder range of projects.

If I were there I would camp out under their makeshift eves and see everything, before it vanishes like Titania’s court.

Logo with block drawing of Globe theatre. Text: Pop-up Globe the 2016 Auckland season.

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