The Age on Shakespeare 400 in Australia

From John Bailey in the Age:

‘Back in England, where the Globe is open once again and where there are more Shakespeare 400 events than some scholars can handle, Anna Kamaralli holds out hope that similarly commemorative events will be picked up in Australia as the date of the Bard’s anniversary – also his birthday – draws nearer. She’s planning on setting up a simple website that can list any and all events that people in the community might mount in the lead up to April 23, and she says the anniversary is “a terrific opportunity not to memorialise an ending but to be astonished by the perpetual living of this work. It’s not about saying this is how we commemorate a dead person but about looking around and seeing all the ways this example of human expression is being used.”‘

The website mentioned is this one!

Read the full article here, and ignore the awful headline by some ignorant subeditor still learning the art of creating clickbait.

Thin white bearded man bare chested in gold body paint.
Mark Wilson in his reworking of Richard II Photo: Justin McManus